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Reconstruction of the Vagina and External Genitalia Deformities

Vaginal reconstruction means to create a new or artificial vagina. You can have this operation after surgery to remove part or all or your vagina or to have it reconstructed due to a trauma.

Deformities of the external genitalia from birth defects, female "circumcision", intersex, trauma, or other causes are not uncommon. Reconstruction with major improvement is possible for many of these deformities. Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Gary J. Alter, MD is a leading expert in reconstruction of the vagina and other genitalia deformities.

Vaginal creation is a procedure performed to reconstruct the surgically removed vagina from cancer, to create a vagina for children with congenital absence of the vagina or intersex, and to make a vagina for transsexuals. Various techniques are used depending on the deformity and the chosen type of reconstruction. The various techniques used include skin grafts, local flaps of tissue, and bowel.

Your new vagina will develop the characteristics of a "normal" vagina and it will be possible to have sexual relations.

If you have any questions about vaginaplasty, reconstruction of the vagina, or any external genital deformities procedures feel free to contact Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Gary Alter at his Manhattan, New York or Beverly Hills, California office to schedule a consultation.