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1.Will I have scars from the labioplasty / labioplasty, and will it look natural? 

With Beverly Hills Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Gary J. Alter's technique, there is rarely any visible scarring. The “V” or “wedge” technique invented by Dr. Alter leaves a very thin, almost imperceptible scar from the outside labium, across the labial edge, and then inside the vagina. Labial skin is very thin, so scars are very difficult to see.  Usually, the most darkened labial tissue is removed.  The normal labial edge remains but is straight and not redundant or scalloped. It is very rare for another doctor or a partner to suspect that surgery was even performed due to the natural result.  

2. What age should the labia reduction be performed? 

I have performed labiaplasty on girls as young as twelve and women as old as 71.  The young teen-agers underwent surgery because of severe discomfort or self-esteem issues.  Women have been almost universally pleased with the results as proven by my paper on 407 women published in the prestigious journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in December 2008. Improvement in self-esteem along with elimination of discomfort with clothes, sex, or exercise occurred in almost all women. 

3. Can I lose sensation or have chronic discomfort with labia reduction?

Labia reduction removes the protuberant portion of each labium, usually also with some reduction of the clitoral hood.  Removal of this skin does not negatively affect sensitivity or sexual sensation.  In fact, many women claim improved sensation due to elimination of excess tissue and by curing the redundant skin that can cause pain during intercourse.  

The “V” technique does not have scars on the labial edge, so the incision lines do not cause discomfort.  The trimming techniques, whether by laser or scalpel, result in the entire labial edge becoming a scar-line.  This longitudinal scar has a higher chance of causing post-operative tenderness and deformities such as scalloping and asymmetry.  

Dr. Alter has performed well over a thousand labia reductions with his technique.  If a labioplasty is performed by a surgeon with poor technique, then complication such as scarring, asymmetry, and pain are much more likely to occur.  On occasion, Dr. Alter is able to reconstruct these women to regain a normal appearance.  

4. Can I have a labioplasty if I plan on having children later? 

I have performed labia reductions on hundreds of women who have not had children.  None have come back to me with complaints of significant enlargement or complications due to later pregnancy.  Therefore, there is no reason to wait for a labioplasty if you have discomfort or dislike the appearance. 

5. How do I schedule surgery if I don’t live locally? 

Dr. Alter draws patients from around the world.  Patients generally email photos of their genitalia, and then undergo a phone consult with Dr. Alter.  Determination of the proper procedure will be done and discussed with the patient, including clitoral hood reduction, clitoropexy, labia majora reduction, clitoral reduction, pubic liposuction, vaginal tightening, etc.  

The patient then schedules the surgery. My office staff will assist with hotel and travel plans.  A physical exam and lab tests are usually done prior to your trip here.  I routinely see the woman on the day before surgery.  I will see her again one or two days after surgery depending on the operation.  Depending on the patient’s situation, this protocol may be adjusted.  For example, blood work may occasionally be performed here.  
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